Monday, 16 January 2012

Bye .............. for now at least!

I see comments from lots of other bloggers about the need for taking a break from blogging ..... and for varying reasons. Blogging can become a bit addictive for some of us (there are worse addictions of course) and I definitely think that I was an addict! Since my second divorce (about 5 years ago) I’d been content to spend a lot of my spare time on my own enjoying my sewing .... then add to that, the discovery of blogging (blogs about sewing) oh joy – I was hooked, and every spare minute was spent either blogging or sewing!! Lately though, over the last year or so, since the sudden death of my wonderful brother, Colin, my priorities have changed – I’ve re-evaluated so to speak, and to some degree I’ve lost a bit of interest in my crafting. I now prefer to spend more of my spare time with family and friends, which I’m sure is a healthier and more sociable option to sitting in by myself. SO, this post is just to let you know that I won’t be blogging, at least for now – whether I come back to it another day, well we’ll see.

Anyway, talking about healthier options (which I was), part of my new routine will definitely include more walking (with family/friends), particularly as my best achievement over the last year or so is my weight loss – very proud of myself I am too (as I believe my brother would have been too) – I’ve lost 5½ stone (that’s 77lbs if you’re in the USA) – a shocking amount I know, but I feel so much better for it, and not to sound too big-headed, ........... OK, so I am being big-headed, I look a lot better too. And just to show off about it, here’s a current photograph of me (enjoying a cuppa) ............. which is soooooooo much better than this one taken about 18 months ago at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC.

Now if you happen to be a reader of the ‘Slimming World’ magazine, do keep an eye out, because my Slimming World leader has asked me to submit my success story – she thinks I stand a chance of having my story published. I haven’t submitted anything yet though, so it won’t be for a while – I have to write it yet!!

On the sewing front, I’m not giving it up altogether. As and when I have a spare hour or two, I shall work on this patchwork quilt I started over 2 years ago, but haven’t touched for about 18 months ........ I aim to finish it hopefully this year – well that gives me plenty of time doesn’t it as it’s only the 16th January!!!

So bloggy friends, I thank everyone who has followed my blog, and for all of the friendships that have been made as a result of it. Thank you all for sharing your sewing and your lives, and for the inspiration that I’ve gained. I hope that some of you will keep in touch with me and write. I would welcome contact through emails, and do hope I hear from you. It has been a brilliant and fun experience, and it is hard to believe the 3½ years that have gone by since I started it.

Take care everyone and who knows, I may come back to blogging one of the days!!

Lots of love

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