Thursday, 4 April 2013

Easter bunny for Alice:0)

At last, something to show!!

My old neighbour was coming to visit with her 16-month old daughter, Alice, so the perfect excuse (if I needed one) to make another ragdoll and as it’s Easter, what better than a rabbit. The base rabbit is the Tone Finnanger (Tilda) one, but with my own take on the clothing etc. here she is again sitting under my Easter tree:
The starting point was when I recently spotted this ‘Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit ‘ fabric ..... who could have resisted eh? So it just had to be a rabbit rather than a doll.

Hopefully, I shall have something else to show pretty soon, as I’m halfway through another project – OK, yes, another doll ..... I just can’t help myself though!!! So, watch this space.

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