Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Pin keep pressie!

Lookey, lookey at what I got today from my super, wonderful, talented friend, Wendy over at The Quiet Room ......... isn’t it just gorgeous? It’s a Stacey Nash cross-stitch pin keep drum. I’ve been watching Wendy’s progress on her blog in recent months, as she’s made several of these, but little did I know I was to the lucky recipient of one of them.
This is the top – love the rusty pin and bell and the red wool heart

The next three are various points around the side

And the last picture is of the bottom

Thank you so much Wendy, I love my pin keep – you’re a treasure - I feel very special!
It’s good to have something to put on my blog too, as I haven’t completed anything for ages, although I hope soon to have – yes you’ve guessed it – more rag dolls LOL  it’ll probably be another month or so, as I’m making several.
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