Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A weekend in Wales, stitching, a rag doll and ANDY!!

And my latest offering is ..... yes you’ve guessed it, another rag doll. To be fair to myself though, I should have had a small cross-stitch pocket to show you too (just to prove I do make other things too sometimes), but, flippin’ heck, I seem to have forgotten to take any photos of it – what a plonker!! And as it was a gift, it has already been despatched! The doll and the cross-stitch pocket were both for my lovely cousin, Gwyneth who lives in South Wales, which is where I went last weekend for a 3-day visit .......... and what a lovely relaxing weekend it was too. Breakfast on the decking, in the sunshine and a view, blah, blah, blah – jealous? yup!!

Anyway, back to the rag doll for now. Doll doesn’t have a name yet, as that’s for Gwyneth to do, but I made her a Gardening Angel owing to the fact Gwyneth is a bit (or a lot of) a gardener – loves her garden she does! So here goes with a few piccies (taken in my back garden for better effect):-

Isn’t she cute and quirky!?

I bought a little wooden birdhouse and added a label, but this is my favourite part – a garden basket containing packets of seeds and a ball of twine!

Apart from a hoarder of fabric, I also hoard (on my computer) all sorts of images that take my fancy ....... lots of crafty/quilting pics, art, cottages, shabby chic stuff and vintage and these are vintage images of old seed packets which I nicked from somewhere or other ages ago. So I reduced them down to size, printed them out and cut an area around them, which I then folded up into little envelopes! And then, just for added reality, before sealing them down, I put a few grains of rice into each seed packet, so when you give them a little shake, they sound like seeds .......... “how old” I hear you say LOL - don’t care though:0)

I do hope you like her – I was very pleased with how she turned out.

A lovely part of our weekend however, was realising that I have been a bit of an inspiration to my cousin in that she has started to take quite an interest in sewing. Up to now, Gwyneth has done quite a lot of card and jewellery making, but no sewing – sew much sew (get it LOL), she is all but giving up the card making. And to really throw her in at the deep end, we went along to a gorgeous fabric shop only 30 minutes or so from her house (wish it was so close to mine!!) called Cross Patch. There’s actually two shops together – Cross-Patch is for patchwork/quilting supplies and the other shop is called Polstitches, which is all cross-stitching/embroidery supplies – both tucked away on farmland in the depths of South Wales ....... lovely!! WELL, Gwyneth was like a child in a sweet shop!! She wanted to buy just about everything – we all understand that though don’t we? And I nearly had to call the paramedics when the nice lady totted up her ‘few’ purchases – her face was a picture ....... perhaps that’s what they call a baptism of fire!!! Te he he.

Of course, I made a few purchases too (couldn’t not could I?). One of them being a ‘Hatched and Patched’ stitchery, particularly as Gwyneth was buying one. So on Saturday evening we sat (outside again on the decking with a view!) having a little workshop of our own – thankfully my cousin is a quick learner and she soon started to produce some lovely stitches – must keep tabs on her though to make sure she finishes it. Must finish mine too of course, then I can show something other than a rag doll ................ oh go on, you know you love them LOL

The whole weekend was then topped off when I got back home (more than topped off really) ...... completely made my day, week, month etc ........... and that was our Andy winning Wimbledon on Sunday. Oh boy did I shout, scream, dance and weep – thankfully I had forewarned my new neighbours that they may hear what sounds like a crazy woman later on, otherwise they’d have moved right out again! I am just a little bit of a tennis fan you see:0)

Anyway ladies, that’s the lot for now

A stitchery next time – promise!

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