Monday, 22 July 2013

‘Hatched and Patched’ stitchery and a Pincushion

I recently spent a weekend with my luverley cousin, Gwyneth (no blog) who lives in South Wales (as mentioned in my last post). As also mentioned, we went to Cross Patch in Llandysul where Gwyneth spent rather a lot of money – it was her first visit to a fabric store as she’s just getting into sewing. A ‘Hatched and Patched’ stitchery took Gwyneth’s fancy, but being a complete beginner, she needed some help from me (happy to oblige of course) and the easiest way to help was to do a stitchery myself ……… this is my long-winded route to justifying why I also bought a stitchery and as I liked one in the same range, I bought this one – ‘Flower Basket Sampler’:

It was very pleasant sitting in Gwyneth’s garden in the sunshine stitching together and I made a good start that weekend (it was that wonderful weekend when our Andy won Wimbledon …. Yay!!). Anyway, I finished it off last week and after some indecision, decided to make it into a wall hanging

I’m sure the real deciding factor rather than make it into a cushion, which I’d thought about, was so that I could use this gorgeous wire hanger I’ve had in my stores for ??? years!!! The fabric matches beautifully, although I think it’s a Lynette Anderson one (not Hatched and Patched) – honestly, I spent so long choosing, I couldn’t remember afterwards who’s fabric it was – no matter though, as it matches nicely. I also couldn’t resist the bird and heart buttons I’ve put at the top – these too are Lynette Anderson. So thanks Gwyneth for giving me an excuse to make something other than a rag doll!!

Next is something I should have shown before. I’d taken photos, but then forgot to blog about it. Another new (ish) sewing fan is my lovely Auntie Iris (more like my mom really since my mom passed away when I was a child). Since her son and daughter-in-law bought her a sewing machine a little while ago, there’s been no stopping her; children’s aprons, pillows and plans to soon make some bunting …… and this is all in between all the knitting she does!! Anyway, Auntie Iris mentioned she could do with a pin cushion, “IDEA” says I and set about making one for her birthday earlier in July and this is it:

I cross-stitched a design pinching a bit from here and bit from there! And then stitched ‘Iris’ down the side. I found some co-ordinating fabric for the sides, some pretty ribbon to trim and used a nice rose colour silk (no photo) for the back. And then finished off with a ‘rose’ decorated pin from ‘Just Another Button Company’


One pleased Aunt!
That’s it for now – back to rag dolls next time. For anyone who remembers the ‘Tilda’ inspired dolls I made (about 4 years ago), I’m making another batch, having had more requests recently.
See you soon!

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