Friday, 11 October 2013

Autumn & Pumpkins

Having been to Spain recently and found myself melting somewhat in the heat, I'm even more in the mood for Autumn this year. I'm not trying to say it was 40 degrees or anything, but I am a wimp and found walking around doing the touristy stuff in Barcelona in 28 - 30 degrees too much!! I just love the autumnal glow of reds, gold, rust etc. a true beauty of nature ........ heck, I'm getting a bit poetic here I think ha ha! Anyway, I was so much in the mood for autumn (and being very relieved to have finished 6 ... yes 6 rag dolls) that I simply had to stitch something new. So out came some of the wool I have (don't have much these days) and lovely chocolate brown stripe fabric, I drew a few pumpkin shapes and, hey presto, here's a little pumpkin cushion to add to my diddy autumn display:

here's a close up

...... and here's one showing it amongst my other autumn bits and bobs - most of which are my fabric pumpkins made for me by my luverley friend Wendy a few years ago ..... she's brill (and very prolific) at making pumpkins, let me tell you!!
do you like the 3 tiny pumpkins in the top left-hand corner? They are buttons from 'Just Another Button Company' - I've had them for years and have been itching to use them ever since I bought them ...... so now I have. Hope you like my little cushion!

And now I must get off to bed as I am working in the morning (Saturday overtime can you believe!) .... but needs must, and if I want to buy more woolly, yummy fabric, I need money!!

Happy Autumn everyone
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