Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Copy Cat!

...... that's me!! But as I said to Christine at Preferably Prim, copying (they say) is the greatest form of flattery - that was when I saw her lovely woolly pinkeeps from Pineberry Lane and decided I just had to have them. I asked Christine whether she minded me copying and she very kindly said it was fine; so within minutes, I'd ordered the pattern from Pineberry Lane and downloaded it

I've even made a bit of a start on the smaller one - fortunately, although I don't have the exact linen, I have something very close in colour so, waste not, want not!!and here's my 'bit of a start'
cross-stitch is so difficult though under electric light, so I couldn't do any more this evening:0(

Anyway, that's only my first confession of copying!!! because recently, my lovely friend Wendy showed us a beautiful orange velvet pumpkin she'd made, which immediately reminded me that I too have some burnt orange colour velvet - so again, I spoke nicely to Wendy and asked whether she would mind me copying, and again being lovely, she said she didn't mind - she knows anyway I'll never be the pumpkin queen she is - very prolific she is! Soooooo; here's my lovely, touchy, feely orange velvet pumpkin ......... honestly, you just want to keep on stroking it, it feels so luscious and just look at the lustre!

I must admit, it's turned out nice - I used some green wool for the leaves, a cinnamon stick for the stalk and then added a few orange berries for a finishing touch

.... and it now has pride of place amongst Wendy's pumpkins (the ones she made for me a few years ago) and my other autumn bits & bobs
Is it worthy Wendy?!!


Angie Burrett said...
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Angie Burrett said...

Lovely scrummy pumpkin Julia and as great Autumn display - Wendy will be proud of you! The pin keep will be so sweet - I love that pattern. I manage to sew in the dark winter evenings with a great spotlight beside my chair - otherwise the winter months would be wasted and I cannot just sit and watch TV, I have to sew and listen to TV! So lovely to see you back blogging again - hope you are keeping well and asll is good x

Country Prims said...

Hi Julia, Love your pikeeps to be. Pineberry lane patterns are great.
You need to get a daylight so you can stitch in the evenings:)
Great pumpkin dispay, I love the velvet fabric.

Christine said...

Hi Julia, how speedy of you to make a start on the wool pinkeeps already! The colour of the linen looks perfect too.
And oh but the velvet pumpkin is just beautiful.
Definitely worth it!

Simone said...

I haven't done any cross stitch for ages and that project looks like a great one to start! I LOVE your velvet pumpkin! If I had some beautiful burnt orange velvet I am sure I would make one too. Gorgeous!!! x

Wendy said...

Hi Julia,
how come I miss your posts ?? I'd like to blame the computer but I think we both know its me! lol
Your Velvet Pumpkin is divine! love the extra berries and leaves too ... very posh ;)
Enjoy your cross stitch but be warned Pineberry Lane patterns are very addictive ...haha
Hugs Wendy x x