Thursday, 22 May 2014

Malvern Spring Quilt Show

I had such a lovely time on Sunday last at the Malvern Spring Quilt Show (Malvern Showground). It was a beautiful sunny day and I got there just before the doors opened, so managed to spend at least the first few minutes without being pushed and shoved – it’s amazing how older respectable looking ladies can dig with their elbows and stand firm, refusing to allow you to just squeeze in next to them!!! Grrr

It was fine though, I had a great day browsing around many well known fabric shops, including my favourite, ‘White Cottage Country Crafts’ – it’s relatively local to me and I feel very lucky, because I really love Jackie’s colour palette, it’s so meee!! Whenever I go there, I just want to go around stroking fabric LOL. 

Anyway, you don’t want to listen to me waxing lyrical, you want to see what I bought don’t you!!

This is everything together, including cotton fabric, wools and gorgeous dupion silk

'Primitive Gatherings' Wool Flannel …… yum! 

This luverrrley bundle of fabrics from the White Cottage Country Crafts, with a Country bag pattern

And some other bits & pieces!

Some several hours later, I strolled back out into the sunshine, bought myself a spot of lunch (including cake – well why not!) and sat and enjoyed the beautiful view of the Malvern Hills - sorry, I should have taken a piccie or two, but was well chilled out by then. And so with legs dropping off and a nearly empty purse, I made my way home.

A lovely day!
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