Sunday, 18 May 2014

Pressies for me!!

Just look what was waiting for me when I arrived home from work the other day 
………. pressies from my luvurley friend Wendy of The Quiet Room blog - is there any better kind of parcel to greet you when you just know it will be full of wonderful things - and so it was!!
There are quite a few photos, SOOOOO generous was Wendy! 

Now, we all know how long cross-stitch takes don’t we, and there was not only this sweet 1816 pincushion, with mother of pearl buttons & pins, but
 ……….. wait until you see this!! A cross-stitch pocket, which is just amazing! – there is so much work in it

and inside - scissors and a little charm. 

AND as if that wasn't enough, inside the pocket was all this!!! - everything  to make a gorgeous Easter pillow, with the cutest chart/pattern, 28-count linen ........ the chart suggests 40-count, but these old eyes can't do any smaller than 28-count, so this is perfect. And then all of the flosses, and not just DMC floss, but Weeks Dye Works and The Gentle Art (beautiful colours) - and even the needles!! So much!!! Wendy understands clearly too that I shall need until next Easter to make it LOL …… or maybe even the one after that!! 

And now my favourite – I loved it when I saw it on Wendy’s blog a little while ago – this gorgeous woolly sunflower cushion – such lovely, neat stitching - I adore it. 

And to top all of that off (Wendy is clearly trying to make me fat LOL!!!) – 3, yes 3 packs of chocolate …… I am the biggest chocoholic in  the world of course (Wendy knows me so well), so this photo is several days old now, because I knew the choccies wouldn't last until the weekend when I could blog about them – so I took it immediately !!!

As I said to Wendy in an email, she is the cleverest, talentedist!!, kindest friend, I’m sure I don’t deserve it, but again Wendy, thank you, thank you SOOOOOO very, very much. I love EVERYTHING.

I'm actually half asleep whilst doing this post, as I've had the loveliest day today at the 'Malvern Spring Quilt Show', but I'm now shattered having walked my legs off! And yes, of course I made a few (!!) purchases ....... but the pictures of my stash can wait until my next post!!
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