Saturday, 23 July 2016


Esmeralda is a 9-inch Heffalump (elephant! LOL) made from a lovely soft blush colour viscose and she is stitched entirely by hand. She has big black glass eyes framed by beautiful long eyelashes; and she’s ready to flutter them at any passing admirer!! A touch of chalky pastel gives Esmeralda a slightly aged look and her big flappy ears are lined with a lovely star print cotton fabric. She is filled with heavy fibre filling and steel shot for a nice weighty feel, particularly in that fat little tummy of hers. A ‘wobble’ joint in her head makes her head loll (is that a word?!!) to the side, but that I think just adds to her cuteness!

The next few pictures show Esmeralda wearing a pretty blue genuine ‘Liberty’ print floral dress – the question to anyone reading is do you prefer her with a dress or without …… I can’t make up my mind as usual LOL – any comments will be welcomed.

Although you can see Esmeralda here, she is also appearing on my new blog, which will be dedicated to my bears. It is called ‘Bilberry Lane’ and will I hope eventually be the base of my bear business – when time allows to get it properly off the ground. You can find my brand new blog here. So what do you think of little Esmeralda?


Christine said...

Oh Julia another adorable bear/heffalump! with her long lashes and soft pink fur she's won my heart! I do think I like her in her dress best! Sooooo pretty!
Well done!

Simone said...

I LOVE Esmeralda! I do like her in the dress but I think she would look extra special with a bandana or some other kind of head adornment to balance the overall look. She will look lovely whatever you decide! I look forward to seeing your new blog Julia. x

Simone said...
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