Thursday, 11 August 2016

Dylan 2

This bear doesn’t really have a name! I put Dylan 2 because he is the same bear as Dylan who I made back here in January. The original Dylan was made from mohair fabric from a pattern by Sylvie Touzard, but this time I’ve gone with what the original pattern called for and made him from Viscose fabric – hence the slightly different look. My cousin Gwyneth saw Dylan and took a bit of a fancy to him, but said she would probably prefer Viscose, sooooo, this bear is for Gwyneth, although only if she likes him. And that’s why I haven’t attempted to name him, because if he does go off to South Wales then he’ll have a new name.

A new thing all my bears will have from now on is this metal badge with the initials BL, which stands for ‘Bilberry Lane’ the name of my new ‘Bear’ blog, which although I have started here, I haven’t published yet – not sure whether I’m happy with the way it looks yet!!

His little trousers are made from the top of an old sock as directed in the pattern!  and they show off his little fat tummy really well don’t you think!! I’ve then added a couple of different colour ribbons and some bells. Dylan has black glass eyes, a stitched nose and is filled with fibre fill and steel shot. He measures 8¼ inches from top to toe! His legs are wobbly, so he sits only, unless propped up against a book or something as in the first photo!
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