Sunday, 30 October 2016

A bit of this and that!

Well, it’s been such a while since I posted anything on this blog! I’m mostly busy these days making my Artist teddy bears, which I post on my other blog ‘Bilberry Lane’ – there’s a link over on the right hand side of this blog if you’d like to look.

I have though also been getting on with some crochet squares. I’ve had a bit of a change of roles at work, which now allows me more control of my lunch breaks; and so I’ve done something I’ve fancied doing for a while and that is to begin a 'Lunchtime Crafters Group'. There’s several of us who love a variety of crafts and spend plenty of our spare time discussing them, so I thought why waste an hour doing nothing much when we could be crafting and it’s given me a chance to get on with these squares. Now bear in mind I started these about 2 years ago and had completed the grand total sum of about 30 squares in that time – not many is it!!?? 

But in the last couple of weeks, I’ve made several more and sewn half of them together just by utilising my lunch breaks – good idea eh! The plan when I began them was to make enough to make a double bed cover, but we’ll see about that – this is a start – perhaps I ought to consider a baby cot cover LOL!

And next, I made this so called ‘Artisan’ apron! 

Do any of you ever watch Janet Clare on the Create and Craft channel? Well, this apron is her design. Her philosophy is that when the apron goes on, she’s in work mode, which in turn encourages her to get on with her crafting. I do like her philosophy, because sometimes I find myself doing all sorts of other jobs before I’ll settle down to sewing …….. I don’t know why! So I thought, if I made myself one of Janet Clare’s apron’s it might encourage me not to procrastinate (big word!!!) so much. So here it is.

And this last one is of Janet Clare herself in her original design!

I’ve just finished my latest bear, which I’ll hopefully be able to put on my other blog tomorrow, it’s just that I haven’t had a chance to take any photos yet, so check that out later if you like!

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