Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Felix was a commission for a lady at work; and thankfully she was very pleased – I had “exceeded her expectations” in actual fact!! What a relief! I don’t like taking commissions, because I find them rather stressful, but it would be silly of me to refuse at this early stage of my bear making journey.

Felix gave me a bit of a challenge from the start, as I had to make him bigger than my usual bears. This meant having to enlarge the pattern – something I haven’t done before, so I had no idea how it would turn out. I should have had more confidence in myself though, because I think he turned out really well.

Felix is a 5-way cotter jointed bear, made from a beautiful Viscose fabric, with ultra suede for his paw pads. He has black glass eyes and is filled very full of the usual firm fibre filling and steel shot for a good bit of weight. He has a prim style stitched nose and is faintly aged using oil pastels around the edges for a slightly aged, vintage look. And at just over 13 inches from top to toe, Felix is my biggest bear yet!

Felix is made entirely by hand. His lovely warm scarf is hand-knitted, which is pinned at the front with a rusty style pin on which hangs a fob watch charm. His satchel is made from a leather-look fabric - very tricky to sew such a small shape on a sewing machine!!

The finishing touch is the needle-felted robin perched on his paw ……… I only stabbed myself about 25 times with the felting needle, but hey ho!!

Felix is based on one of my earlier bears who also had the scarf, satchel and felted robin – these were the requirements of the commission.

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