Thursday, 9 November 2017


Yes, I know it’s been a while (again!!), but I have a good reason. I’ve recently moved house, so enough said – anyone who has been through the process will understand. I’m still dealing with paperwork, but I’m getting there!

Anyway, just before the move, I almost managed to get this little lady finished; and now she is complete. Her name is Ella and she’s a gift for a special lady who I’ve worked closely with for about the last 8 – 9 years and she has just retired …… and since I first started making them, she’s always taken a keen interest in my bears, so it was a natural choice.

I haven’t actually given Ella yet (I hope to very soon), but I think I’m safe, as I don’t think said lady reads my blog.

Anyway, Ella is my second bear using the beautifully soft curly Steiff Schulte Mohair fabric, although a different colour, plus faux nubuck fabric for the paw pads. Again, I have made her a lovely pair of dungarees, except this time I’ve used a genuine vintage fabric (a lovely pale blue with a pretty pink floral pattern) which I picked up several years ago at a vintage fair and has been in my stash ever since. They may be dungarees, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be trimmed with a bit of bling does it .......... aren't they sweet!

Around the back, you can see the bag I’ve made for her, which holds her latest canvas, because she is an ‘Artist’ bear in the true sense of the word! There is a theme you see, as said lady took up painting some years ago, so Ella is an artist; hence also the art palette charm around her neck.

Ella stands 13½ inches / 35cms top to toe and 9½ inches / 24cms sitting and has the fabric ‘Handmade at Bilberry Lane’ label and the metal ‘BL’ pin at the back. She is filled with the usual firm fibre fill and steel shot for weight. She has black glass eyes, with white felt behind them and is slightly aged a little with oil pastel.

I hope you like her!

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