Thursday, 7 December 2017

Meryl's bears

That's the best title I can come up with I'm afraid! These two are a pair of commissioned bears for; yes you've guessed, a lady by the name of Meryl.

The story is that a few of my bears were spotted by 'the bride' earlier in the year in a posh Tearoom near to me. They’ve been taking a few of the bears and selling them amongst a small line of gifts they sell – the Afternoon Teas are sublime by the way!! I've only been about ten times so far LOL

Anyway, as I say they were spotted; and I don't know how it came about, but Meryl became aware and somehow discovered my email address and then contacted me ......... the bears were to be a surprise! No pressure there then!!! Thankfully, I had about 3 months to compete them, which was just as well and I managed it just before I moved house recently ......... that gave me enough headaches in itself :0(
…….. talk about living a stressful life!!! Anyway, the wedding took place recently so now I can show them. I've also since had a message from Meryl to say they were very much loved by the bride ....... phew!!!!

In all the stress of moving and getting the bears in the post, I forgot to measure them, but they were from a regularly used pattern so are approximately 9 - 10 inches top to toe and made from one of my favourite viscose fabrics in a lovely pale gold colour. I then had to source some very fine netting for the veil, which I also used for the skirt part of the dress so that you can still see the beauty of the bear fabric. The little headdress was incredibly tricky to wire up, but looked fine in the end. 'His' waistcoat is made from a lovely blue piece of fabric from my woolly stash - blue was the theme apparently.

I’ve just remembered; I do actually know their initials V & P, as Meryl asked me to embroider them somewhere on the bears – this is NOT a terribly good shot of the initialed paw pads!!

So, there you go - two bears in one! I hope you like them.

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