Thursday, 12 April 2018

I won!!!!

I WON!!!!!

Well, that's what my bloggy friend, Wendy would have said anyway:0)

For some years now, I have really, really wanted a miniature sewing machine - only for display; but each time I've seen one on eBay, there's been several people bidding, with prices going anywhere between £50 - £100. So what a great thing for me on Saturday when I came across, not one, but two miniature sewing machines both ending on Saturday and with nobody else bidding. The little red one I got for just £5.00; and it's a proper working one (or at least it will be when I put a needle in it) - a child's  I assume. And the slightly bigger one was £15.00, which is just ornamental - not old, just made to look old, but I love it. The little red one is about 6 inches wide and about 5 inches high; and the other one clearly just a bit bigger.

They will eventually adorn my Welsh dresser and I think I might one of the days make a miniature patchwork quilt to lie 'casually' across to little 'Vulcan' 


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