Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Another completed quilt!

I've finally finished my Summertime Delight quilt and I love it! The colours are so refreshing and summery. Although I finished the patchwork top around Christmas time, it was a while before I had it quilted and then I just had to complete it with the binding. This was bought as a 'Block of the Month' from Totally Patched; and what I loved most of all, is that everything comes pre-cut with the instructions. The pre-cutting is what takes so long and is usually what puts me off. As soon as the monthly block arrives, you can sit down and start to sew! And I was very strict with myself, because I know it doesn't take long to lag behind with BOMs - it was completed on time over 10 months.

I was even very good and labelled it!

I know it's way, way too hot at the moment, but it'll be lovely come the colder weather!

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