Thursday, 28 August 2008

Is it safe to turn the TV on again!!?

Is it safe to turn the TV on again …….. have the Olympics finally finished??!!! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m unpatriotic – far from it – it’s really good to see that the UK have done so well this time, but does it really have to have 24/7 coverage by the BBC? Yes you’ve guessed it; I’m not a big sports fan. Sport is good yes, (and healthy) of course, and I could certainly do with taking more exercise (a lot more!!!), it’s just that the media seem to go a bit over the top (to me anyway) – I expect most men (and some ladies) would disagree with me. I don’t think I'm on my own either in saying that there are too many different sports these days in the Olympics – I expect the UK will be hosting the first tiddley winks or marbles event in 2012!!! Hey, I could enter; I used to be good at those when I was a young un!! LOL. Still, it’s allowed me to watch some of my favourite DVD’s whilst sitting sewing, so that can’t be a bad thing really. Actually, I do love tennis, so I’d be quite happy with 24/7 coverage of that (each to their own eh) – in fact, you should have seen me driving home to the Midlands from North Wales on the day of the men’s singles final this year! OK, so I may have exceeded the speed limit a tad once or twice!!!, but I only missed about the first 15 minutes, as there had been a delay due to rain (again!) and I then sat glued to the TV, only getting out of my chair for food and drink (my big downfall), totally gripped until turned 9:00pm to one of the best finals in years– what a brilliant match!

Anyway, as I prefer to talk about sewing and crafts etc. I thought I’d show you my serviette holder that I made about a week ago …….. I’m quite pleased with it and it’s reasonably easy to make too: just 2 contrasting fat quaters and some reasonably sturdy cardboard cut to right size, one for the base and four for the sides. As an alternative to a serviette holder, it could also be used to serve bread rolls in, although I would lay out a serviette first in the bottom of it in order to avoid marking the fabric. I’m going to make some more, as I think they would make a nice homemade Christmas present and not too expensive either. Does anyone else agree?


Simone said...

I wasn't really 'in' to the olympics but I did enjoy the opening ceremony! I really like your serviette holder and think it would make good Christmas presents. I would use it as a bread roll holder. How do you make it a perfect square? Do you use a cutting mat? I really want to get into quilting and patchwork but am useless at cutting perfect squares!

Mother Witch said...

I didn't really like to coverage we got here in Aus, I usually love the Olympics. Have just got going with my vegie patch, have been waiting for the drought to end (I live in Australia)and have lost paitence so am forging ahead. Hope you find something to watch on tv, I am sick of free to air guff and usually watch DVD's. Good luck with your patchwork and bags.

Jo Jo said...

It was Olympics overkill here in Australia I thought. I normally enjoy watching them but sadly not this time. Anyway, love the napkin holder/ bread basket. I have one already and agree they do make fantastic gifts. Homespun magazine had patterns for different sizing ages ago....hmm must get that copy out again. Jo x