Monday, 25 August 2008

Oh, Mr Darcy!!

I know, I should be tucked up in bed by now, but I've just finished watching 'Pride and Prejudice' (oh Mr. Darcy!) whilst working on my current project, which is a bag that I've made before. And now (following gigantic hints!!), I'm making one for my nephew's girlfriend for her 21st Birthday. In Jane Austen's day, of course, we could have sat all day sewing and chatting couldn't we - just imagine that girls. This is how it looked this morning with the bits cut and laid out. I'm about half way through at the moment, and, as it's Bank Holiday Monday here tomorrow (er, today now actually!!!), hopefully I'll be able to finish it ...... watch this space.

As predicted by several of you, I am becoming rather addicted to blogland (I'm amazed I've achieved any sewing at all today to be honest) - I start off by looking at one blog and end up visiting a dozen others from the links on each page - often I forget where I started in the first place: LOL :0) I've come across several 'swaps', which I think are such a lovely idea, but a bit disappointed to find that I've just missed out on joining them - they're clearly very poular and I would love to join one. Does anybody know of any others going that I could join?

Anyway, I can barely keep my eyes open now, so I'm off to bed ..... yawn!!!
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