Sunday, 31 August 2008

I’m shattered! I’ve spent all of Friday afternoon and all of Saturday cooking and baking. It was my lovely brother’s birthday, and a few weeks ago, I recklessly, on the impulse of the moment, offered to entertain the family in celebration of aforesaid event. Normally my, far more talented than me sister-in-law, does the cooking for birthday teas, but as they were only arriving back from Italy (lucky people) the day before, I knew she would have little time to organise it - and he is my big bro after all! As I can only seat 6 at my dining table, and there were more than 6 invitees, I opted for a buffet, which I preferred as it meant it was all more or less prepared beforehand – I simply don’t cope well with cooking a roast for more than 2 people at a time! Trying to get everything hot at the same time is yet to be mastered and if I’ve not done it by now at the age of 48, I probably never shall! Anyway, the cake turned out rather well (even though I say so myself) – very chocolatey and delicious as you can see above .......... you may think “what is a 6-year old doing drinking ‘Budweiser’”, but my brother is actually 51, but I didn’t believe the cake would stand up to 51 candles. Despite my worries about the fare I provided, everyone paid compliments, but then again they would wouldn’t they. It was fine actually, and I have to say that my cheese, onion and bacon quiche was a knock out. Of course, I have loads of left-over’s now – whatever shall I do with the other half of the chocolate cake ......... um, let me think about that for half a second!!!!!!
Anyway, having spent a day away from my beloved sewing, you can guess what Sunday will be dedicated to can’t you?!!

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