Sunday, 7 September 2008


When I first started out doing crafts many years ago now, I used to do cross-stitch. I don’t do them any more, because for one, I don’t have the patience as they seem to take so long to complete, and secondly I was finding it a bit of a strain on my eyes – age creeping up you see – comes to us all eventually!! I was looking the other day though at a couple of them on my wall that I had framed and still enjoy looking at.

The sampler I absolutely love mainly because of the gorgeous muted colours in it and ............

............ the perambulator because I used to have a bit of a passion for them. It was seeing Jo’s (Home Sweet Home) super new perambulator recently on her blog that reminded me of it.

And as for my current WIP (Cat Tails) – as you see, it is still a WIP - apologies for slightly blurred image!

but it’s coming along nicely so far – and if I take myself away from this computer for long enough, which I have become even more addicted to since I discovered ‘blogland’, I may even get it finished by this evening .... so that’s where I’m going ...... will show it next when it’s completed – I hope!!

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