Saturday, 18 October 2008

It’s here, it’s here!!!

My ‘Australian Homespun’ magazine has arrived today – yippppeee!!!! OK, “why” you ask, am I sooooo excited about receiving a magazine. Bet you think I’m a sad person don’t you? Be careful now!!! It’s been about 6 months since I last received a copy of ‘Homespun’. It’s my favouritist (is there such a word?!!) magazine ever, which I used to receive via a subscription through a UK based company. However, after not having received anything for about 3 months or so, and many phone calls, and much ‘being fobbed off’, I discovered that they had ceased trading (the real truth of the matter!). But thanks to Catherine Sanchez and Paul Vinall at Homespun magazine (love you both to bits), I now have a new subscription direct from Oz at a very reasonable rate – thank you both so much. And Paul Vinall is also arranging for me to get the 6 back-issues I’ve missed – I believe they may even be on their way to me right now – hope so anyway.

I’ve also received my first part of
Primitive Gatherings
‘Sheep in the Willow’ BOM, which I’d been waiting for, so I’m looking forward to giving that a go – doesn’t look too tasking, which is a good thing as I’m so tired – worked overtime this morning, groan!!Anyway, it’s time to go put my feet up with a cuppa and lose myself in my Homespun magazine – see ya later!!


Faith said...

thankyou for the birthday greeting and that magazine looks exciting. I do love the sheep and tree image this would also look good as a hooked piece too, have you ever tried rug hooking? applique would be fabulous too I cant wait to see what you do with this.

DAWNIE said...

I too am a Homespun collector and look forward to each publication. Just for some trivia, I was introduced to blogging of all things via someone who wrote in to Homespun with a pic of her mug bag. I then contacted that person by sheer luck. She then gave me her pattern, then I did my own creation, and sent my photo into Homespun. They have publisehd in the latest Homespun under the "Mail bag".

Simone said...

Lucky you having a Homespun subscription! I wish we had mags like that in the UK don't you? I love the look of your latest project. You certainly like to keep busy!

Rachelmp said...

I'm glad they have sorted it out for you! I have a project in the Decmeber issue so look out for it hahaha. Enjoy all that sewing!

Wendy K said...

I love homespun too, and had the same problem with my I now get them through various online shops from Australia. and you're gonna love doing the sheep in the willows blocks!!! Also lurrvve your little bags from the previous post, they'll make gorgeous Chrissie pressies!