Friday, 16 January 2009

Jo's 'Giveaway!

Jo (Home Sweet Home) is hosting her ‘100th Post Giveaway’. To be in the draw you need to tell Jo what 3 crafty things you simply can't live without. You will also need to post a photo of your favourite things on your blog to let everyone know about her ‘Giveaway’. So here goes:-

1. Well, I suppose my sewing machine is an obvious one;

2. My rotary cutter – what a great invention; and finally

3. I don’t think this is cheating – the reason for a picture of my computer is because so many of the craft blogs I've come across since I joined have really been a great source of inspiration, and inspiration is definitely a must to get you sewing!

Sorry the photos are a bit dark - they were taken at night under electric light!

Good luck to anyone who enters, although I do hope it's me who wins!! LOL


Jo Jo said...

Thanks for posting Julia! Fingers crossed! Jo xo

Deb said...

Julia, how do you get your signature on the bottom of your posts??

Simone said...

I don't think I could list only 3 things! There would be all my sewing stuff, then all my crafting stuff, crochet stuff, painting stuff etc etc! I agree that the computer is essential for keeping up with all the crafty blogs too!