Monday, 19 January 2009

Quilt No. 2

Well, I’ve finally made a start on my 2nd quilt .... and boy, what a difference! My first one (see earlier post), for various reasons, took me about 18 months to complete: –

• Firstly, I was a complete novice

• Secondly, I discovered after I’d started that I had chosen quite a complicated pattern; and

• Thirdly - being terrified of it!!

This time I have opted for a much easier pattern, and, as a result, have finished the first 3 blocks in no time at all. The idea came from a lovely quilt I saw on Lisa’s blog over at ‘Candle Lite Quilter’ (hope she doesn’t mind!!). I loved the warm colours she used as much as anything and I’ve tried to use similar colours, although I've used a good splash of a mustardy kind of colour too. Lisa has used a pattern called ‘Sassy 16’, although I still can’t work out where the ‘16’ is from as each block is made up of 8 pieces, maybe it’s because one block faces one way and the next one, the other way – no matter, I love it anyway!! At this rate, I’ll soon have the quilt top finished, although I’m not sure yet whether I’ve got enough for the borders as well, and in any case, I haven’t decided yet how big it’s going to be!

.... ‘til next time

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