Sunday, 11 January 2009

Lucy Goose ...........

........ and her Plum Pudding!! OK, I know you’ve probably all done with Christmas for another year, but I just had to show you my Christmas Goose. I did start her before Christmas, but the festive season, together with a good dose of lethargy got in the way and I’ve only just finished her. I enjoyed making her and the body was relatively easy to put together, although I had a hell of a game trying to work out how to make her dress though. In the end, I made the body of the dress separately, then I sewed the wings, with the sleeves on them round her back and that seems to have worked well enough. The plum pudding was easy and fun to make – the berries are some lovely matt glass beads that I’ve had for years (knew they would come in useful eventually!!) A shame, but I suppose I shall have to put her away until next Christmas now!!
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