Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Strawberry Bear!

When I was in one of my favourite fabric shops recently (one of a growing number!!), I noticed a really cute little teddy bear which had been made out of a small gingham check fabric - quite simple, but effective. So, duly inspired, I've been sourcing a pattern for a teddy and eventually found one in one of my books.

I've changed him a little bit by slightly exaggerating the size of the arms and legs................. and why the strawberry? Why not, I don't know, but it does look nice, and I always like my rag dolls to have something to hold ..... adds a little more interest! And if you had smellyvision, you would be able to catch the gorgeous whiff of cinnamon ... I've dabbed a few spots of cinnamon oil here and there on the fabric ...... mmmmmmmm, a lovely hint of country!! And the strawberries look good enough to eat too - the fabric ones as well as the real ones!

catch ya later!

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