Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A week off work ......

...... and I’m having a lovely time so far, even though it’s rained mostly: it’s simply great to have a break from the daily grind!!

I have finished some sewing, but I’m afraid I’m unable to show it yet as it’s a pressie for ....... oops, nearly let the cat out of the bag then!!! Will show it once it’s in the hands of Madam X.

Today I went to a lavender farm at Snowshill near Broadway in the beautiful Cotswolds. If you shut your eyes, take in the scent of the lavender and ignore the rain, you could almost believe you were in Provence in the South of France – I love to see a mass of lavender together and also love to have it hanging up drying in the house. There’s a nice little gift shop there where you can buy cut lavender (you’re not allowed to cut your own, which is a shame I think) and lots of lavender gifts.

Then we stopped off at the village pub for lunch .... as you do!! It’s not my fault if everything is served with chips is it??!! This is the village:

... it’s a proper ‘chocolate box’ English village, where the houses are all made from Cotswold stone – so attractive, although I don't think my photographs do it proper justice - it's very popular with tourists!

Tomorrow I’m off again for the day with a friend (don't know where yet, but will no doubt include chips somewhere along the way!!), and then I’m determined to get some more sewing in before I’m back at work next week!

Bye for now

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