Saturday, 17 April 2010

My 50th birthday celebrations begin!!

It’s been quite a while again I know!! I’ve been doing as much overtime at work as I can (needs must!!), so by the time I’ve caught up with household chores, shopping etc. I’m often too tired to do much sewing. Having said that, I have done a bit, but I can’t showcase my work yet, as what I have done is a pressie for somebody who may well read this, so that will have to wait!!

My 50th birthday celebrations have begun early with a 4-day trip to the Republic of Ireland (the south-east area around Cork, and Wexford) and have to say that all these stories one hears about lots of rain in Ireland I have decided are a myth, as we have just had 4 glorious days there – lucky or what!! We were also very lucky that we got back on Thursday morning – just before all of the travel problems that have arisen due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland!! I went with my lovely brother and sister-in-law (Colin & Ruth) – it was their present to me for my birthday – how generous was that? And I had a really lovely time. It was very relaxing (my brother did most of the driving – I did none!!) and Ireland, as foretold, is a very beautiful place ..... and the traditional Irish breakfasts, with black pudding and white pudding, were delicious!! The only downside really was the cost of everything! I already knew from others that it is generally considered more expensive than here, but added to that the terrible exchange rate at the moment – Sterling/Euro – and most things seemed almost double the price!

Anyway, if you’re still reading, here are a few photographs of our holiday

Brother and SIL on the coast at Hook Head – just look at the colour of the sea!!

The coast at Tramore

The harbour at Cork (I think!) – I loved the pastel colours of the houses!

The fantastic view from the farmhouse we stayed in at Ballinhassig, County Cork

.......... and a green post box!!

My favourite part was our trip to Cobh (pronounced ‘Cove’) and an exhibition called the Queenstown Story Exhibition, which is housed in an old Victorian railway station. The exhibition told the story of the Irish/American emigration following the potato famine of the mid 19th century. Part of the exhibition was dedicated to the Titanic, as Cobh was the last calling point before it started its fatal journey in 1912!!

I must just add a funny note (sorry big bro!!). On Sunday (the day we set off for Ireland) we arrived at the dock in Fishguard, South Wales in good time. There was only a ‘Stenaline’ ferry in dock – we were travelling with ‘Irish Ferries’, so my brother started to check the travel documents; whereupon he suddenly dropped the papers, threw the car into reverse and steamed off again cursing “Christ, we’re supposed to be at Pembroke, (also in South Wales for those of you outside the UK) not Fishguard – we’re never going to make it!!” All was well though, as Fishguard and Pembroke are only about 25 miles apart and we arrived there still in good time. Needless to say, my sister-in-law, Ruth, and I didn’t let my brother forget his little mistake .... and I’m sure we’ll find plenty of occasions in the future to remind him of it – aren’t we cruel, but he did make us laugh?!!

Anyway peeps, hope to back soon to show you what I’ve been stitching.

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