Thursday, 6 May 2010

My second 25th!!!!

................... birthday that is. Well, 50 is such a high number when we’re talking birthdays, which we are, so I prefer to call it my second 25th!! Anyway, one of my birthday cards confirmed that 50 IS the new 40 – and I believe them!!! And as with any 50-year old (or should that read 5-year old) I woke up several times in the night eager to open the cards I had already received. But then again it could just be my 50-year old bladder getting me up several times a night!!! LOL

Well, it’s been a good day so far. NOT going to work was a great start, followed by a lovely mug of coffee in bed whilst I opened my cards, and then the next good bit was browsing through the current issue of ‘Inspirations’ magazine, which came out just in time for my birthday – Thank you!!

I discovered ‘Inspirations’ magazine (by accident) about a year ago or so and each issue really does ‘Inspire’. It only comes out four times a year, but each issue is packed with beautiful projects – mostly long-term projects that will turn into real heirlooms.

Katarina sent me these lovely pressies from Sweden:

A lovely bookmark, a little needlecase, a gorgeous delicate necklace (sorry the photo doesn't show the lovely purple colour) and a really pretty, very soft knitted/crotchet brooch .... and a lovely card – all made (I believe) by Katarina, a very multi-talented YOUNG lady! Thanks again Katarina, I really appreciate them.

At work yesterday, one of the girls had arranged one of these in the office for me:

....... a chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows for dipping – how gorgeous, and a lovely surprise too – I am a chocoholic you know!!! And just to prove it, I also received this ‘Chocoholic’ mug from the same lady

plus flowers, smellies and chocolates from other friends at work. I had money from the whole office to put towards an Ipod – a bit trendy eh for a 50-year old!!

I shall be getting together with my family later tonight for a big Chinese takeaway, followed by birthday cake.

Well ladies, you must excuse me ...... I can resist no longer – I’m off to my favourite fabric shop. Resistance is futile I’m afraid, so why bother trying ....... what else is a GIRL to do on a Special birthday???!!!!

Just remembered – I’d better go and vote too on the way – it’s General Election day here in the UK. Thank you Gordon Brown for holding an Election on my big day – upstaged again!!

Catch you later ...........

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