Sunday, 30 May 2010

Apple Charlotte!

My latest ‘Annie’ is named after the traditional old English pudding; ‘Apple Charlotte’. The initial inspiration though came after I purchased the lovely rosy pink fabric of her apron (a Nancy Halvorsen fabric called Cider Mill Road), which has apples on it. My Nana’s name was Charlotte, so, add the two together – and you get ‘Apple Charlotte’!! And the apple fabric goes really well with the green check fabric – something I’ve had for a while and knew I would find a use for eventually! The red hair, admittedly, it a little brighter than I would have liked, but it’s sometimes difficult finding wool in the right shade.

Her very own apple is made from some raw silk that I’ve had for ages and just happens to match the apron fabric perfectly and has a beautiful shine to it. The leaves are made from wool felt and it’s finished with a piece of cinnamon stick. And, oh yes, I added some cinnamon oil to the stuffing inside the apple, so it smells just like apple pie –yum!!

Apple Charlotte measures approximately 20 inches from top to toe!

Quite cute I think!!

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