Monday, 17 May 2010

Late Spring!!

I forgot to show these last week!!

Although I don't appear to have been doing much sewing lately, I had made a couple of things for Wendy, for her birthday, but couldn't show them as I only sent them last week!! It was Wendy's birthday way back on 29th February, so it was WELL late - but not my fault entirely, as I had been waiting for some decorated pins that I had ordered from America to add to the pin cushion, but after 7 weeks of waiting, I cancelled them and instead had a go at making them myself. And they turned out not too bad, although perhaps a bit bigger than the real thing. So, although slightly out of season by now, this is what I sent to Wendy. The pincushion (with deorated pins) and the chocolate bunnies were made by 'moi' and the rest were bought!!

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