Saturday, 25 September 2010

(New) Bag Lady!!

OK, so there was something else I was working on while I was away from work recently, but I hadn’t finished it, and I didn’t know whether it would turn out as I wanted it to. Now I know this is going to sound very big-headed, BUT, I have to admit to being quite proud of my new bag. It’s actually a rucksack and is made from my favourite fabric of the moment – Blackbird Design’s ‘Harvest Home’. I plan to use it for work (so long as it’ll take the strain) instead of having to carry 2 or 3 bags, plus an umbrella when it’s wet!!! Mind you, I’ll probably end up knocking people flying with it knowing me every time I turn round!!!

Here’s the front with an appliquéd front flap

........... a little zip pocket under the flap .... and get this cute little zipper with the scissors charm. I only discovered it very recently (maybe I’m behind the times), but I just had to have one for my bag! It came from Belen of Simply Patchwork. If you want to look at them (there are a few other different charms), pick up the link from her name and from there, take the link to her store.

This is the side – there's a large deep pocket each side for carrying a book, umbrella etc.

The back!

And this is a view of an alternative way I can carry it instead of on my back, as I can take the strap from the back and attach it to the clips on the sides ....... had to stand on a chair in front of the bathroom mirror to take this one!!! which is why it’s a bit dark – so apologies for that. My neighbours would probably have thought I’d lost the plot (be careful of what you say now!!!!) if I’d popped round to ask if they would take a photo of me holding my new bag ...... they’d have likely patted me on my head and sent me on my way!!!!!

Anyway, I hope you agree that it has turned out well – there’s nothing like blowing your own trumpet is there?!!!

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