Saturday, 18 September 2010

Born to Quilt Gus Pincushion

This is Gus the snowman pincushion – isn’t he cute?!! He was designed by Veronique of Born to Quilt and I bought the kit from Veronique at the NEC Festival of Quilts last month. The next picture shows a picture of the pattern front and I think you have to admit that my version is pretty close to the original, though his hat is a different colour.

Making Gus last night was a reward to myself for having finally finished this beach hut themed cushion for my lovely cousin, Pauline.

I love Pauline dearly, but I did not enjoy making the cushion. Originally, I was trying to make up my own design, but after 2 failed attempts, Pauline made a suggestion and showed me a picture of a cushion she had seen in a magazine and liked, so in the end I worked with that ..... even then, I struggled to find the right fabrics –ooooh, I really didn’t enjoy making it – have you guessed??!!! Now if I tell you that this is a present for lovely cousin’s 60th birthday, and then tell you that she will be 62 in November, you may just begin to see how bad the struggle was. Still it’s done now – I just need to get it into the post – or maybe I might deliver it personally – that would be a nice weekend wouldn’t it and it’s only about 1¾ hours from where I live – I think I might just do that!!

Till next time!


Deb said...

Julia, your pincushion is adorable but I couldn't stick him. And as for your cushion, your cousin will adore it.

QuiltSue said...

Well done on finishing the cushion. Your pincushion is just great and, like Deb, I could not stick pins in him.

Catswhiskers said...

Julia your pincushion is too cute to stick needles on him...
celebration is the key after such a struggle...
Lovely work

Simone said...

Gus is far too nice to use as a pincushion! The beach hut cushion is definitely a labour of love. I am sure your cousin will be thrilled to bits with it (even though you hated making it!!!)

Wendy K said...

Awwww Gus!! :)
And I think your cousin is going to love her seaside cushion....a true gift made from the heart...even if it took 2 years to finish...hehehee! ;)
Did you drive down and surprise her with it?
Hugs Wendy x

Florrie said...

love the cushion, all my favourite seasidey colours....and who'd want to stick pins in your sweet pincushion.....he looks good enough to snuggle.
florrie x

belen said...

Gus is so lovely!!! And the houses behind him are cute. I was with Vero in the fair in Alsace and I also bought the houses, they are so lovely!!!
the cushion is lovely too and I agree, I think you should take it yourself and havea nice weekend!!

Le blog de marylin said...

oh is very lovely, i love you blog, i love Born to quilt and Véro !!!

big kisses marylin france

Patti said...

Well congratulations on finishing the cushion - it is just gorgeous.

i know what that pincushion is, apart from being totally gorgeous, It's my belated 60th birthday present and you are only 3 and a half years late with that. Mind you Larry (aka dh) is late too with my 60th birthday present, so glad i'm not holding my breath.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Country Prims said...

Oh, they all turned out fantastic!

Gus is adorable and your work is sooo meticulous on the beach cushion-she sure will be delighted:)

Shazy x

Solstitches said...

What a fabulous cushion.
I'm sure Pauline felt that it was well worth the wait to have just the one she had admired.
As for that snowman.......well, I think I'm in love :)
Lovely projects Julia.
It's always such a pleasure to see what you've been making.

Collette said...

I absolutely love your pincushion Snowman - Must ... Have ... One ... lol