Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Nostalgic Rush!

...... that's what I got when I did a quick blog hop last night before turning in.

As an avid follower of Diane's blog, her post yesterday sent me scurrying to find the old Girls Annuals I bought from ebay a couple of years ago. They're copies of Annuals I had when I was aged 10 - 12. It's amazing how a simple book can wipe away the years!

At that age, Saturday mornings meant a bit of a lie-in and waiting for the sound of the paper-boy dropping my favourite comics through the letter-box - I loved the stories and articles, and as I went into my teens, the pin-ups too, which were 'pinned up' liberally over my bedroom walls (you could barely see the wallpaper), David Cassidy, Donny Osmond to name just a couple. Every Christmas I could guarantee that two of my pressies would be my favourite Annuals, which I could never wait to get my hands on.

This 1970 edition of the 'Bunty' Annual though was my best find, as it contains a story that absolutely captivated me at the time (when I was 10) .......... I must have read it dozens and dozens of times:

and even to this day (before I bought it on ebay) I could have told you the substance of the story - it was about a deaf, mute, orphan girl taken in by a convent of Nuns. The girl turned out to be a pretty good artist, and as a consequence uncovered some long-lost gold and thus saved the day!! We all enjoy a happy ending don't we!! And to re-read this story (which I now know was called 'Bianca's Golden Gift', and all the other features nearly 40 years on, was pure nostalgic bliss!

Who remembers the regulars in 'Bunty', such as 'The Four Marys' ............ in glorious black & orange:

.... and 'Bunty's Cut-Out Wardrobe:

I remember well sitting with my scissors and dressing her in her different outfits - from the weekly comics anyway, I didn't cut up my Annuals!! Perhaps not too different to me now with my love of making Rag Dolls eh!

Anyway, thanks Diane for another trip down memory lane - it was great!!

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