Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Love Letters

Having finally completed my half of the ‘Shazy Swap’ over the Easter weekend, I also managed to finish this small project.

I know Shazy struggled with something to make for me recently because she worried I perhaps wouldn’t want anything much along the ‘Prim’ line that she enjoys making, and I can see why she would think that with my eclectic tastes! However, I do like ‘Prim’ – not the extreme stuff (a step too far!!), but ordinary Prim, very much so. I suppose, I like what I like and don’t like what I don’t like if that makes sense. I like all sorts really which is typical me LOL ..... I can never make up my mind. I love anything along the country, rustic and vintage lines, including Prim – I even have a Prim board on my ‘Pinterest’ page, which is where I found the idea. I do struggle though at times to make things in the Prim style; always wanting to ‘neaten’ the edges etc. instead of leaving them rough! LOL. But anyway, when I spied this ‘Love Letters’ pocket/hanging (whatever it is!) I just had to have a go ....... yes, another idea I’ve nicked! so I hope whoever designed the original doesn’t spot this!

I think I’ve managed to achieve the right look just about: using the hessian gives it a very rustic look and the dried gyp and pip berries help it along and then I’ve added a hanger made from rusty wire. The label is ‘distressed’ (shame LOL) around the edges and I’ve added a jewellery finding containing a postmark (it is a love letter after all) – it’s then tied off with a piece of cheesecloth with a padlock charm to finish. And the whole thing has then been liberally sprayed with a coffee and vanilla mix, so it smells divine!!

Maybe I am getting the hang of the Prim thing after all!!
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