Sunday, 15 May 2016

Edgar the Second!

........... makes him sound rather Regal doesn’t it! Whereas, in fact he is quite a quirky (and cute) little fella – mind you some of the Royals could probably be described as quirky too I imagine. Anyway, I digress! (I am a Royalist by the way)

Edgar the Second is so named because he is the same as Edgar I made back in November here. However, not wanting to make an exact replica, he is dressed differently in a pair of lovely pale blue wool dungarees, lined in a pale blue polka dot fabric, which you can see in the trouser turn-ups and in his scarf and pocket hankie.

Edgar the Second is made from viscose fabric with suede paw pads. He is fully jointed, with black glass eyes, firm fibre filling and some steel shot in his little fat tummy and feet. He’s been aged around the edges and has faux ‘mending’ stitches to give a vintage look. I appear to have jointed his arms very well, as they don’t move, although his legs do; and when standing, he measures a whole 9½ inches from top to toe.  

Edgar the Second is from a bear pattern called ‘Bears N Hares’ by Sweet Meadow Farm.

The reason for making Edgar the Second is that a close friend (Max) of my cousin Gwyneth (who bought Edgar from me), saw Edgar recently when she was visiting Gwyneth and decided she must have an Edgar of her own. So, if Max is happy with what I’ve made, then he too will soon be going on a trip to South Wales (no obligation though Max if he’s not what you expected).

I have to say that I’m rather pleased with the outcome of Edgar the Second in as much as he really does look like the first bear! Bear making when you’re hand-stitching is not an exact science; and even though you may be using the same pattern, does not guarantee an exact look-alike. And that’s because you even then have to get the stuffing of the head correct to achieve the same look, which is why I’m happy, because I appear to have achieved it when you look at the two Edgars together.

Do let me know what you think.

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