Monday, 9 May 2016

Workshop Bear Fun!!!

On Saturday I spent a fabulous day at the Hilton in Milton Keynes at a Bear Making Workshop with the lovely Liz Walker Watts of ‘Wacky Walker Bears’ making this absolutely adorable little man

 …….. I think he’s my new bear love; for now at least! I’ve called him ‘Watson’, kind of after Liz (the Watts bit of her name, but extended). I bought the cardigan already knitted from Liz on the day,

There were eleven of us students (including one fella, Chris!) and they were a really nice, friendly bunch. The hotel was a great venue, as we had a really nice sunny, spacious room to work in with lots of light and because it was a lovely day, the patio doors were open on to the gardens.

The next photo shows all our bears together, including the 2 of Liz's demonstration bears ........ what a picture!!

If you want to see more of Liz’s own 'Wacky' bears, you can find her here on Bearpile.


Mrs A. said...

He is adorable. They all look adorable and each one looks like they have an individual facial expressions. I'm amazed that you got them all made in just one day. Hugs Mrs A.

Simone said...

He is wonderful Julia! What a fantastic workshop. I am sure I would have attended if I lived nearby. I love the line up of bears too - all masterpieces! x