Sunday, 22 May 2016

Malvern Spring Quilt Show

A brief change from the bears! I went to the Malvern Spring Quilt Show and Exhibition yesterday with my luverley cousin Gwyneth who was up for weekend from South Wales. She used to make cards, but apparently I inspired her to ditch the cards in favour of sewing a couple of years ago. My remit (from Gwyneth) in coming to stay was that I had to take her to my favourite craft shops …… I know; what a chore (see big happy smile on my face!!). I then discovered; and this really was a coincidence, that the Quilt show was on this weekend; so that sorted out our Saturday; and basically, we just about walked our legs off spending practically all day there; and of course spending money. These days, I’m making bears, so I don’t need patchwork fabric do I? LOL However, as with any true crafter, I still have several ‘other’ projects to be made ……. and since yesterday, I now have a couple more – well it would have been rude of me not to accompany Gwyneth in her purchases – that’s my justification anyway! So, here are my goodies:-

A panel kit of a gorgeous piece called ‘House and Country Garden’ – it’s by Lecien – love, love the colours! And here following is a picture of how the finished piece ought to look!

........with any luck anyway LOL

Two fat quarters and a bag pattern – not to go together – from my favourite local(ish) fabric shop, ‘White Cottage Country Crafts’! I have other fabric for the bag pattern; and the two fat quarters were just one of those ‘I have to have’ moments – don’t know what I’ll do with it yet!!

This fabric is for a project that will be a gift, but I won’t say any more as the lady occasionally looks at my blog. The rose pattern is linen and is just so lovely and the plain one is a calico. Gwyneth in fact bought it for me as a belated birthday pressie.

This redwork embroidery is a ‘Dandelion Designs’ pattern by Mandy Shaw. I haven’t done a stitchery for years and I think it’s really sweet; and hopefully not too taxing for me!

Oh, and lastly (and these are for my bear making) a new pair of Fiskars Embroidery scissors. I managed to slightly twist the very end of my other pair by trying to use them to turn a cotter pin joint (bad girlie Julia!! LOL). They are excellent scissors, but rather expensive!

Anyway, I have a week off work now, so I hope to be able to achieve something at least, although I am also in the middle of another two bears ……………… there’s just never enough time!! Why not come back in a week and see how I’ve got on!
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